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Our Coffee Shop
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we are recommended by Marco Polo Travel Guide 2010
Cinderella's Golden Lodge & Beach Bungalows
Our welcoming and pleasant fully air-conditioned restaurant/ bistro/ coffee shop and wine bar in the Cinderella's Golden Lodge offers comfortable ambience. Serving Pasta and a big BBQ variety, Salads and delicious Khmer dishes as well as cakes and ice creams. Our wine selection is worth a try.

Yoghurts, Mueslis, Bacon & Eggs, Omelettes, Pancakes, Burger, Pork Ribs, Salmon Steaks, Gourmet Khmer Foods, Fries, Baked Potatoes, BBQ Original Recipies, Steaks, Wings, Curries, Ice Creams, Salads, Marple and Choclate Cakes, Shakes & Fresh Fruit Juices, Beers & Cocktails, big Wines, you name it!!

Recently, our coffee shop won 2nd place in the Cambodia Barista Competition. Best coffees we do, indeed.
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